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The Time Travelling Musical Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Musical

by Flat 29

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    It's (probably) the most successful time traveling robot cockney based musical of the year! Join Holmes and Winston on a journey through time AND exciting CD extras!

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    As well as the musical itself, you will also receive a whole host of exciting extras when you purchase this CD. You will get LIVE recordings of all 4 songs performed by Dan, Rich and Charlie, as well as two VIDEOS of these performances. You will get bonus content such as deleted scenes and a full directors commentary! Finally, you will get a songbook containing all the lyrics and chords for the songs in a nice print-out-able format, AND MIDI files so you can play along at home!

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Flat 29 proudly present a feature length musical adventure starring everyone’s favourite crime solving time travelling duo – Sherlock Holmes and Professor Winston. To celebrate another successful lecture, Winston has taken his class out for dinner at his eatery of choice, the chicken based restaurant Nandos. But after one piri piri sauce too many his robotic digestive system starts playing up, forcing him on a calamitous adventure through time to find the only possible cure for his affliction. But will he find an answer before it is too late? Or has Professor Winston said his last awwwwww shucks?


released November 4, 2010

Devised and performed by Dan P, Rich Green and Charlie Mosesson, featuring Matt Downton and Emily Davis. Artwork by the great Luke Ski



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Stop Eating Nandos
Professor Winston, stop eating Nandos
This is your fourth visit today
You’re eating far too, much Piri Piri
You cannot carry on this way

Piri Piri sauce it’s his favourite sauce

Professor Winston, that spicy chicken
It’s full of robot calories
I’ve come to warn you, Professor Winston
You’re going to catch Nandos Disease

Piri Piri Sauce it’s his favourite sauce

Professor Winston, systems are failing
You’re starting to look rather queer
Come here and lie down, rest your metal head
For things are far worse than I feared

Professor Winston’s ill I blame it on the sauce
That damn Piri Piri sauce
Track Name: Harold's Amazing Eyes
When I first opened my eyes, my mummy and daddy looked on in surprise
They didn’t know what to say, about the beautiful big blues a-lookin' their way

And as I looked across the room, all the things that I could see
What a wonderful feeling feeling
I looked down towards the floor, and looked over at the door
And looked up at the ceiling ceiling
And oh, it was a kind of magic, because my infant vision was fantastic

Spoken: And that was just the beginning, as I grew older my vision became so acute that I could
see further than any man in England

And people started to talk, about the handsome young man with eyes like a hawk
And rumours started to spread, and all the ladies wanted to get in to my bed, they said…
All the things that you can see, I just wish you’d look at me
You’re the greatest of all the guys (I know)
Come on over to my place and bring your beautiful face
But you just want me for your eyes and oh
I really could see everything and so they crowned me king

It’s no surprise that a king so wise would have the world’s most beautiful eyes
I’ve got no horizons

And it’s no surprise, I take good care of my eyes because without them I would die
Track Name: Professors Reunited
I’m sorry Twinson I’ve been so unkind
Let’s leave all of the hatred and anger behind
For far too long I have let my jealousy rule my life

I’m sorry Winston it took so long to see
That you prefer Nandos I prefer KFC
11 herbs and spices the Colonels secret recipe

We’ve been apart for so long, we can’t let this carry on

Because we’re brothers reunited at last
Let’s forget about our past
All the things we’ve done and all the things we’ve said
Yes we’re brothers, two professors made of steel
Not afraid of what we feel, for each other
Yes I love you my brother

Winston my brother I’ve got so much to say
It’s been years since I’ve seen you this is a special day
I hope you know that I’d do, anything for you

Twinson your words are a comfort to me
I’ve come here to tell you I’ve got Nandos disease
I know that I’ll make it through we just all need to believe

Together we will be strong if we can work as a team

Because we’re brothers reunited at last
Let’s forget about our past
All the things we’ve done and all the things we’ve said
Yes we’re brothers, two professors made of steel
Not afraid of what we feel, for each other
Yes I love you my brother
Two brothers made out of steel, we’re not afraid what we feel
We’ve been apart for so long
I love you my Br - oth - er
Track Name: Winston's Lament
Time has run out for you this day
The crimes of the past were yours to solve
And though I didn’t know you as a brother really should
You were my friend (My brother)
You were our companion

They’ll honour you in Nandos with Piri Piri sauce
The greatest of their advocates, the finest spokesmen, but of course
Once filled up with chicken you thrashed villains long ago
Each one of your lectures taught us things we ought to know
And your metal body put you in another class
Each gleaming component reflected in the stars
Your cockney rhyming slang well it kept us all amused

You were my friend (My brother)
You were our companion, you were our companion

(Winston, Winston Winston, Winston)
(Professor Winston, Professor Winston)

Your Cockney charm will sure be missed by all of those who knew
Your cheeky smile metallic face and love of chicken too
We’re so glad to have known you we can’t believe our luck
But now you’re gone all we can say is ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh SHUCKS!
Track Name: Lost in Time (Bonus Track)
I'm lost in time
Trying to get back home
They dont understand me here in ancient rome
Yes im lost in time
And all the togas in the world cant change my mind

'cos im lost in time
And im filled with remorse
And i miss my friends and my trusty horse
And piri piri sauce
Seems so far away but i miss it every day

But i know
That i can find my friends again
And we will travel side by side
Solving crimes back in time
I've been away for far too long
Trapped in the depths of time

I'm lost in time
Been away for far too long
I wonder whats been happening since ive been gone
And did i leave the oven on?
And does it even matter anymore?

Now that im lost in time
Nothing will be the same
And do my friends even remember my name?
Now im lost in time
Well i must be the last thing on their mind

But no
Sherlock would never leave me
He would travel far and wide
To get me back by his side
But until he finds me
I'll be lost in time
I'll be lost in time

Sherlock: I will travel far and wide
Winston: But until he finds me
Sherlock: To get you back by my side
Winston I'll be lost in time