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Pigeons are Allergic to Happiness

by Dan P

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Dan's first solo E.P. features 4 tracks he made using his brain, mouth, computer and big stack of charity shop vinyl.


released March 1, 2007

All tracks written and performed by Dan P.

Also featuring Rich Green (Guitar on 1 and 4), and Lydia Pugh (Cello on 4).

Produced and mixed by Dan P at LIPA studios and Flat 29. Mastered by Dan P.



Track Name: Glass Eyed and Energetic
On flying platforms we cling to
The edges of supporting structures
Balancing ourselves between the ending and the end.
You turned to me to summarize
Our weekend was glass eyed and energetic
But I wished you'd never said it
As we turned into the sky
I hope you're catching this
We're sleeping without mattresses
The cold metallic surfaces
Were perfect for our purposes
So draw on me with yellow pen
And colour all our instruments
I'll give you all my energy
If you will run away with me
Track Name: Things Happening Last Night
Silhouettes shifting, we move quickly
Keep my head down so I'm looking at the ground
Needles covering my face and neck
To the point where you and I intersect
We're unseen 'till our bodies turn green and get pressed to the floor.
Still remember what you wore
Cover me in pieces of people you need
And rebuild my brain with everything you read.
Our skin heals when its locked together
So let's stand somewhere we won't be affected by the weather
They'll never see the shapes on your eyelid
And can't trace this place like I did.
So think what we did today
And let the night peel off and break away
The end is irrelevant, even the start
We can probably let go of the dark.

So let's start letting go of the dark.